Our Story

Just dad it, has a story and it starts like this

In South Africa we have quite a few organisations and passionate individuals about some or other aspect of fatherhood.​

One of the questions that we ‘Fatherhood Network’ ask is ‘where is this all going’ Are we reaching what we hope to reach separately: which broadly involves caring and committed fatherhood.​​

So as a fatherhood network (an initiative of Family Network SA, an initiative of the SAVF) we contribute our time, energy,

know how, passion to draw together different role players who work on diverse and sorely needed gaps and challenges facing our South African, and African societies.

We’ve decided to go about a little more strategically over the next few years and we ask you to join us.

Let’s connect. Help us raise awareness about men’s issues and of course, our angle, dad stuff.​

Use the following hashtag in anything you share on social media:


JustDadIt is an initiative of…