Dad, You are important! Erna Rheeder

When dads are positively involved:

The safe feeling of a story with Dad!

  • Children do intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically better than their peers without dads;
  • They have a stronger bond with their fathers;
  • They handle stress and difficult situations better;
  • They are more relax and curious and adapt more easily;
  • They have better self-control and more positive relations with children of their age;
  • They are healthier.

When fathers are absent, children are more likely to experience:

  • Sadness to the point of depression and even suicide;
  • A feeling of emptiness which children try to fill with substance abuse, gangsterism and early sexual activities which could lead to teenage pregnancies and HIV/AIDS infection;
  • Anger which often result in violence and criminal activities;
  • Poverty and
  • Health related problems.
  • Chances are twice as high for children without fathers to be abused and neglected.

…and YOU, Dad, make this huge difference!

Built that relationship! It’s worth it!

The information above is a summary of the FIRA study which was done by the University of Guelph. Studies from around the world were combined and this was the result. In the 4 years we ran an essay contest, every one of the aspects above, both relating to father involvement and father absence, could be ticked off. Children suffer without fathers, but excel in the presence of their involved fathers.

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