From Father’s Day to Men’s Day – Erna Rheeder

So, Father’s day is done!

And I heard people say:

Please take Father’s Day away!

These people are: children, those under as well as over 18, whose fathers left a gap or who left scars on their bodies and hearts; women who raise their children alone and realise they can only be mothers, not fathers too. But fathers cry out as well. Those who are good, positive men, but are excluded from their children.

The father-pain runs deep. And people react with vulnerability, anger, sadness, a tendency to hide, a readiness to fight, hatred and bitterness. It hurts, because these reactions and feelings form the root of new pain. It has to end.

We are restorers, menders, rebuilders. Even if we have some pain of our own, we can take the hand of someone struggling with father-pain and guide him, encourage him, help rebuild and restore his broken heart. Therapists and counsellors can do it in professional sessions. The non-professionals – and professionals – can do it through mentorship, in love, patience and time invested in the fatherless.

This year’s theme for International Men’s Day (19 November) is: “Positive Male Role Models.” Every positive involved father need to go the extra mile and play a fatherly role in his children’s friends’ and fatherless nieces and nephews’ lives. Sport coaches and skills trainers have a unique opportunity to motivate, build up and let children believe in themselves. Teachers spend even more time with children. Make it count. Churches and faith communities and even employers can create opportunities for children to be exposed to good male role models. Closer to home are our precious grandfathers, uncles and older brothers – also step-fathers!

Within Fathers’ Network are several organisations who focus all their attention on mentorship: Character Company, Grooming Boys, Dads in the picture, The World needs a father and Ambassador’s Football are a few and in our wider communities are even more. Every man in our network is someone to look up to – a restorer and a fighter for good fatherhood!

Let’s fill the 5 months between Father’s Day and International Men’s Day with an awakening of positive male role models – from as young as high school age. Let’s encourage and empower them!

Share tips and skills for role models on social media and send it to Make sure to tag as many of the network as possible, so that we can share to all. Fatherhood Media Matters and Fathers’ Network are our combined platforms on Facebook!

No good man should have an excuse for being an intentional role model. International Men’s Day 2018 will be the day to celebrate restoration and growth through Positive Male Role Models. Let’s help each other to accomplish it!

Father’s Day to Men’s Day: A “Positive Male Role Model-Campaign!”

Mentor Dirt and Fun!

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