International Men’s Day 2018 celebrated by Fathers’ Network

International Men’s Day – 19 November 2018

Fathers’ Network’s new patron will be introduced during a breakfast event on 19 November 2018 at SAVF in Pretoria. Bheki Langa of Bhekanani is a businessman and owner of the Tshwane Gospel choir.

He has been building a legacy of being a mentor and father figure to many young, fatherless people. His appointment on this specific date is appropriate, since the theme of International Men’s Day 2018 is Positive Male Role models.

Another reason for celebration is the recent release of “The Guide to Restoration from Father-Pain.” It consists of 33 videos in which 7 Fathers’ Network Members guide the fatherless, mentors and professionals in the process of restoration. Copy this hyperlink:

International Men’s Day has been celebrated since 1992 and is done so in over 70 countries world wide. Together with millions of people, we’d like to celebrate the good, positive men and fathers in South Africa! The men and women in Fathers’ Network all over South Africa are passionate about empowering men to be good fathers and role models.

Fathers’ Network identified the following aspects of work regarding father absence and its respective members are involved in one or more of these matters:

  • Awareness of the importance of father involvement
  • Fatherhood Skills
  • Gate-keeping by mothers
  • Systemic gate-keeping by decision makers
  • Restoration through therapy, counseling and life coaching
  • Mentor-ship
  • True masculinity
  • Change in policies
  • Addressing the effects of father absence such as drug and alcohol abuse, criminal activities, teenage pregnancies
  • Strengthening of families

Network members and people who are passionate about father involvement are invited to attend this breakfast event. Bookings at before 14 November.

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