A #JustDadIt Picnic welcome to you

Yay, it’s picnic day, see you at 12:00.

We hope you enjoy you day. This is the home page for the picnic specifically – so you are at the right place. The formal home page is here. Return to this page anytime throughout www.justdadit.co.za/welcome.

Take part

Take part through the quizzes below during specific times. Or leave a comment anytime below at the comments section, Also like the Fatherhood Media Matters facebook page and you are welcome to upload posts.

On facebook (click icon): Fatherhood Media Matters



We have three quizzes for your stay. Winners are announced here on the web page and on the social media page mentioned before. There is no predefined time to start any of the quizzes. However they should be completed at the specified time. The most correct answered stand in line to win and from these the winner will be randomly selected.


Quiz 1

Complete this quiz by 13h20: Click here to go the page for Quiz 1 from within the website or here outside the website.

The winner for Quiz 1 is….


Quiz 2

Complete this quiz by 14h20: Click here to go the page for Quiz 2 from within the website or here outside the website

The winner for Quiz 2 is….


Quiz 3

Complete this quiz by 15h30: Click here for Quiz 3 from within the website or here outside the website

The winner for this Quiz 3 is….


Browse around​ partners

Partner 1: MenCare (Sonke Gender Justic)
Partner 2: The Character Company
Partner 3: Unfathered [Book author: Disha Mogashana]
Partner 4: Growing up without a father [Book author: Charley Petersen]
Partner 5: SAVF​​
Partner 6: Fatherhood Network​​
Partner 7: Coram Deo Counselling and narrative therapy training centre
Partner 8: Dads in the picture​​
Partner 9: Pure Rose
…more to be listed…

In closing

Glad that you could join us. Be sure to check back after the picnic as we continually update network partner information

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